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We are ready to help you personally with any questions you may have, call 719-550-0008, Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-12pm MT (UTC-6).

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Our Philosophy

Quick ethical service in partnership with doctors and dentists

Clifford Consulting & Research understands the level of trust that patients put in their health care professionals, and the obligation that those professionals have to protect that trust by providing the most comprehensive level of treatment possible. That is why we have made it our mission, since our founding in 1988, to provide prompt, ethical services that allow physicians, dentists and patients greater assurance that the treatments they choose are safe and in the best interests of the recipient, both at the time of treatment and in the long term.

Empower patients and professionals through research and continual expansion of our lists of reported materials and products

Never before have patients been faced with more choices in their health care. As science continues its ever expanding scope of discovery, patients depend more and more upon their physician or dentist for current information and sound, up-to-date advice and care.

Everything at Clifford Consulting and Research is focused on improving the depth, accessibility, and dependability of the information we provide through CMRT. We know that the best information is of little use to healthcare professionals unless it is on time and relevant to the specific issues their patients. That is why expansion of our services and lists of materials tested as well as constant improvement of our technology and electronic delivery methods of test results are among our top priorities.

Management from the inventor of the testing method.

We haven't lost site of the values and principles that inspired the quality and relevance of the work we do. Nor have we forgotten the necessity of developing health care products and services based upon sound scientific research rather that marketing strategies. Clifford Consulting and Research is unique in its philosophy, methods and purpose because we care more about the quality and contribution of our work and services than about turning quick profits.




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