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Our History

Clifford Consulting and Research Inc. (CCR), headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was founded in 1987 after the invention and development of the Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing(CMRT) concept by Walter J. Clifford, who currently serves as president.

Mr. Clifford's development of the CMRT resulted in a new and unprecedented application of a well-proven technology. The precipitin testing method was used at the birth of microbiology nearly 100 years ago in detecting specific kinds of bacteria and is currently employed in many laboratory tests and research efforts world wide.

Since it's beginning, CCR has pushed the envelope And scope of CMRT from reporting on 1500 trade-named products and 67 chemical groups and families in its earliest reports to reporting on 17,204 over trade-named products and 94 chemical groups and Families today in the dental panel. There is also a orthopedic panel covering over10,427 trade-named products. CMRT continues to maintain strict standards and quality controls resulting in an on going accuracy rate of +95% with over 50,000 patients tested.

CCR's unrelenting commitment to company values such as service, integrity and pushing the envelope in promoting quality care for patients through testing and research has resulted in28 years of rapid growth as a unique provider in the industry. CCR now offers information, services, and seminars to health care professionals through out North and South American, and Europe.





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