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Blood Specimen Shipping Instructions

Our offices are closed over the weekend and therefore shipments are not received during this time. Serum samples may be ruined if they are held in the Federal Express facilities until receiving at our lab re-opens on Monday

Specimen Shipping proceedure

1. The small chill block is provided in the specimen transport kit should be placed into the freezer for 2-3 hours prior to specimen shipment. They are not intended to keep the specimen frozen, but simply to help keep it cool during the overnight shipment. They should be placed into the Styrofoam shells alongside the specimen bag. Refrigeration or freezing of specimens are strongly encouraged in cases where shipment will be delayed. Refrigerated blood specimens remain viable for testing for up to 14 days. Frozen specimens are considered viable indefinitely.
2. Carefully re-tighten the cap on the specimen transport tube before placing it into the biohazard zip-lock bag provided. The bag, with serum tube is then placed into the Styrofoam shells.
3. Doctor's order form and payment documents should be placed into the separate paperwork zip-lock bag provided.
4. The paperwork bag can be enclosed with the Styrofoam shells in the outer paperboard sleeve provided.
5. Close the paperboard sleeve up after inserting the prepared Styrofoam shells, specimen and paperwork. This entire shipping unit is then sealed in the outer Federal Express Diagnostic Pak bag provided for shipments originating within the Continental United States. Call Federal Express at 800-238-5355 to arrange for a pickup, or drop the sealed Diagnostic Pak at a Federal Express counter location.
Clifford Consulting & Research will pay for Federal Express shipping originating within the Continental United States ONLY if the sender uses the shipping materials provided with the shipping kit. Shipping with any other air bill document or with any other overnight carrier must be paid by the sender.

REMEMBER, PLEASE DO NOT SHIP WHOLE BLOOD, SERUM STILL ON THE CLOT OR SST TUBES and If serum is to be held more than 1 hour prior to shipping, please refrigerate at 2-6ø C. It may alternately be frozen for storage.

Please see shipping instructions for submission procedures of samples to CCR.



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