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Who should consider being tested
Things to consider before testing
Ordering Testing

Service first

We are ready to help you personally with any questions you may have, call 719-550-0008, Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-12pm MT (UTC-6).

Summary of Testing Services
Patient Brochure
Antigen List
Records Request Form
Additional Patient Resources
Presentation Videos
Power-point Presentation on Materials Reactivity Testing Response


Clifford Consulting & Research download center

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view and/or print many of the documents avaliable for download. You may download the reader from Adobe by clicking on their icon.

Product and services information

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing
An at-a-glance summery of Materials Reactivity Testing


Clifford Consulting and Research
A corporate description of CCR and its products and services for healthcare professionals


Professional Resources

CMRT Antigen and Challenge list
The 94 chemical groups tested in CMRT and thier reactivity precentages for a group of 12,823 patients.


Clifford Materials Reactivity Test summary
A Scientific Summary of CMRT methodology


Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing
Background, Basis and Procedures for the Immunological Evaluation of Systemic Sensitization to Components Which Emanate From Biomaterials


Should I be worried about aluminum in fillings and crowns?
Patient handout regarding aluminum issues in dentistry.


Should I Demand Metal-Free Dentistry For Safety?
Patient handout regarding metal issues in dentistry.


Aren’t metals poor, inadequate antigens to use in immunological testing?
Patient handout regarding metal antigen issues in immunological testing.


Do denture materials get their pink coloring from mercury?
Paitent handout regarding the pink coloration in denture materials.


Forms and Instructions

Service customization and Test Kit order form for Healthcare Professionals
This form lets you list your favorite 45 products to be reported on the front page of patient reports for quick reference. This form may also be used to change reporting preferences and order supplies.


Specimen Preparation Instructions
An illustrated guide to procedures for drawing and storing a blood specimen


Specimen Shipping Instructions
An illustrated guide to procedures for packaging and shipping a blood specimen to Clifford Consulting and Research


Records Request Form
The signed form nessesary to order additional copies of your test report. Please note that we can reproduce test reports for 7 years from the date of testing.





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