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We are ready to help you personally with any questions you may have, call 719-550-0008, Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-12pm MT (UTC-6).

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Antigen List (Chemical Groups)

This is the list of the 94 targeted chemical groups tested in our screening panels. Results from testing these groups are compared to product formularies to determine if there is a systemic risk.

Acetates Group
Acrylates Group
Aluminum Group
Antimony Group
Arsenic Group
Barium Group
Benzil Group
Benzylkonium Chloride
Beryllium Group
Bis-GMA / Bis-Phenols
Bismuth Group
Boron Group
Butyraldehydes Group
Butyrates Group
Cadmium Group
Carboxylate Group
Cellulose Group
Cerium Group
Cesium Group
Chromium Group
Cobalt Group
Copper Group
Europium Group
Flourides Group
Gallium Group
Germanium Group
Gluteraldehydes Group
Gold Group
Hafnium Group
Hexanes Group
Hydroxyapatite Group
Indium Group
Iridium Group
Iron Salts / Oxides Group
Lactides Group
Lanthanum Group
Lead Group
Lithium Group
Malienate Group
Manganese Group
Mercury Group
Methyl Paraben
Molybdenum Group
Neodimium Group
Nickel Group
Niobium Group
O-Phosphoric Acid Group
Osmium Group
Oxylate Group
Palladium Group
Phenols Group
Platinum Group
Polyethers Group
Polyethylimines Group
Polysulfides Group
Polyvinyls Group
Propionates Group
Pthalates Group
Quinone Group
Rhenium Group
Rhodium Group
Rubidium Group
Ruthenium Group
Samarium Group
Scandium Group
Selenium Group
Silanes Group
Silicates Group
Silver Group
Sorbates Group
Strontium Group
Styrenes Group
Tannins Group
Tantalum Group
Tellurium Group
Terbium Group
Thallium Group
Tin Group
Titanium Group
Toluenes Group
Trihexalamines Group
Tungsten Group
Uranium Group
Urethanes Group
Vanadium Group
Xylenes Group
Ytterbium Group
Yttrium Group
Zinc Salts Group
Zirconium Group







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