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Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing

We are very grateful for the dedicated health professionals that work with us to address and resolve dental and orthopedic materials related issues. These hard working professionals are dedicated to your care and we stand ready to help them answer the question of which materials get along with me?

Our services focus on screening for systemic reactions to dental or orthopedic related materials. The dental materials panel includes a wide range of materials divided into 36 categories used in treating your mouth such as fillings, crowns, implants, and orthodontics. The orthopedic panel covers surgical materials divided into 33 categories used to treat other parts of the body such as hips, elbows, and spines. There are categories such as bone augmentation and sutures that are applicable to both areas and thus reported in both panels.  Please feel free to browse the professional and patient oriented sections of our website to learn more about how we can assist in improving your health.  We have placed some commonly requested links in the sidebar of each webpage for your convenience in accessing information.

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2017 Winter Holiday Schedule

Our holiday hours for the 2017 Holiday Season are the following:
Thanksgiving- Our business office will be closing at noon November 22nd and re-opening monday November 27th. All specimens arriving during this period will be processed as usual.(Please note that shipping services will be closed on Thursday November 23rd)
Christmas and New Years- Our office will be opened from 8 am to noon December 26th through December 28th, we will also be closed on Monday December 25th and Monday January 1st. All other business hours are as normal.


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Testing Services are not available in New York State

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